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Hi Richard & Nicky

Just thought I would let you know I tried the Nitro+ White Wall Tyre Cleaner on the whitewall tyres on the car.

I was impressed - the tyres turned brown almost immediately as the dirt lifted - a fairly quick scrub with a wet sponge and they came up like new!

I have previously used caustic based degreasers and have had to use a scrubbing brush rather vigorously.

The Nitro+ White Wall Tyre Cleaner has halved the time!

It is also easier on the skin - yes I know you should wear gloves when playing with caustic substances but who bothers.

I have just tried it on an old tyre which has been laying in the carport for years with a similar result - it might need a bit of a scrub, but as I said it has been laying there for years and was not clean in the first place.

The Nitro+ Nano Tech Window Cleaner also worked a treat.

Some other products require a couple of applications to remove all the scum off the glass but the NANO did it in one. It also worked well on the stainless steel in the kitchen in the camper - spray on - wipe off - nice and easy!

Eric - Member of Chrysler Owners’ Club of Queensland

As a disability organisation we are very aware of using products that are not only good for our participants but also good for the environment. We have been using Poppy's Cleaning product range for 2 months now and we could not be happier with the result. They are exceptionally brilliant cleaning products giving us the results we require as well as the peace of mind that they are perfectly safe for our participant group. I would recommend these products to everyone. They are simply the best!!


R.O.P.E Assoc Inc, Scarborough

Your products are really great and I'm keen to progressively replace all my cleaning products with Poppy's products.

All the products I've received so far are by far the best that I have ever used.

Heather - Cleaner

Super happy with cleaning products....definitely be purchasing these amazing products again Xx 

Suzie blue house cleaning, Mango Hill

These images were taken by Eric (Member of Chrysler Owners’ Club of Queensland) after using our Phos Rinse to remove rust.


Thanks! Message sent.

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