Q Groom is a silicone emulsion based product specially designed for internal vinyl protection. Q Groom Provides and easy way to clean, protect and shine rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces. Q Groom efficiently rejuvenates vinyl and rubber surfaces while protecting from sun damage.
Q Groom is often compared with other surface cleaners and treatments for automotive use and consistently is favoured due the lack of greasy finish, excellent cleaning properties and pleasant organic lime fragrance.
• Protects & shines
• Helps guard against UV damage
• Enhances colour & appearance.
• Use on rubber, vinyl and plastic.
• Protects against discoloration and cracking

• Keeps your vehicle looking like new.

Q Groom - Vinyl and Rubber Protector

  • 1. Clean any heavy dirt and soiling from intended surfaces prior to applying.

    2. Apply an even film of Q Groom to surface with spray or cloth.

    3. Allow to partly dry by leaving for between 15 seconds to 1 minute.

    4. Buff to a high gloss.

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