Silicone Free Tyre Shine is a non silicone water based tyre treatment and rejuvenator. This product is ideal for situations where a quick and cost effective spruce up is required. It is popular with automotive paint and panel repair shops due to the silicone tyre shines causing paint finish problems. Silicone can also cause floor surfaces to become slippery over time if repetitively used in the same area. This product will typically not cause surfaces to become slippery. It will not have the longevity of a silicone tyre shine and its effective tyre life is shortened in wet weather.


NOTE: Regrettably, as this product is considered dangerous goods for transport, it can only be delivered within our local delivery area.

Tyre Shine - Silicone Free

  • May be sprayed, painted or wiped onto surfaces.

    Best results are achieved by spraying surface evenly and allowing 15 minutes to dry.

    Should faster drying be necessary wiping with a clean rag after spraying may be necessary. This may leave a slightly less shiny finish.

    Our 1 Litre Pump-up Sprays are recommended for this application.

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