Truck N Wax

Truck N Wax

Truck and Wax is a specially formulated product with high grade Carnauba Wax which is gold in colour with a specific application in the automotive and transport industries. Truck and Wax is a Ph neutral, high foaming product, which speedily cleans without damaging or dulling vehicle paintwork. Truck and Wax contains no solvents, harsh alkali or salts and is biodegradable.


Directions for Use:


Manual – Dilute with up to 30 parts of clean water, sponge on, allow 3-5 minutes then rinse off with clean water.



Truck and Wax has the following advantages:


*Ease of use                                                           

*Environmentally friendly

*Biodegradable product

*Ph neutral

*Queensland produced product

*Non Caustic based

*No harsh alkalis or salts in product  

*Contains high grade Carnauba wax

*Concentrated product resulting in a cost effective product for the consumer