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Tint Glue Remover

Tint Glue Remover


Tint Glue Remover is manufactured specifically for the removal of tint-glue from glass windows. It can also be used to remove a variety of adhesives from stickers, pin strips, adhesive badges etc.


Tint Glue Remover speedily dissolves all types of glues and adhesives. It is particularly useful in tint bays, panel repair workshops, detailers and paint refinishers.


Directions for Use:


Do not use to clean tinted windows.


Remove tint film from window. Residual glue will be left on window.


Spray a liberal amount of Tint Glue Remover onto residual glue.


Allow to dwell for a few minutes.


Scrape treated residual glue with plastic scraper to remove.


Repeat as required.


Ensure adequate ventilation before and during use.

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