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Spray Away & Wipe (with Nano)

Spray Away & Wipe (with Nano)

SPRAY AWAY & WIPE is a ready to use multi purpose cleaner developed for easy maintenance of practically any hard surface - formulated with a newly developed and “green” approved nano-additive for hard surface cleaners.  It forms a protective layer on glass and polymeric surfaces which repels scale and soils, and reduces the tendency of surfaces to mist up - ideal for kitchen and bathroom applications.



  • Anti Streak:  No streak left by the application of the product
  • Shine:  Spray Away leaves surfaces with a noticeable shine/gloss 
  • Anti-Fog:  Reduced fogging on glass, stainless steel, polished tiles and natural stone
  • Anti-Scale:  No scale adhesion to surfaces treated with Spray Away
  • Soil Repellency:  No soil adhesion to surfaces treated with Spray Away
  • Hydrophilisation:  No spots on the surface.  Dries spot free.
  • Readily bio-degradable, phosphate free
  • No product residue, no hydrocarbons, food safe
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