Silicone Tyre Shine is a high quality silicone tyre treatment. It is a specially formulated blend of different types of silicone to enhance light reflectivity and broad coverage. It is formulated with silicones that provide a consistent, shiny finish when applied correctly that will rejuvenate tyres and aged vinyl. It resists water and outlasts most tyre shine products available. It is also economical and efficient to use.


The appearance of tyre shine after application to the tyre will vary depending upon the age and condition of the tyre.

Newer tyres can repel the silicone due to the presence of coating from manufacturing and older tyres can soak up the silicone very readily thereby diminishing the gloss of the finish.


NOTE: Regrettably, as this product is considered dangerous goods for transport, it can only be delivered within our local delivery area.

Tyre Shine - Silicone

  • May be sprayed, painted or wiped onto surfaces.

    Best results are achieved by spraying surface evenly and allowing 15 minutes to dry.

    Should faster drying be necessary, wiping with a clean rag after spraying may be necessary. This may leave a slightly less shiny finish.

    Our 1 Litre Pump-up Sprays are recommended for this application.

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