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RCI 2001 Type B Coolant

RCI 2001 Type B Coolant

Water based Organic Corrosion Inhibitor (OAT - no anti-freeze). Type B Coolant.


Concentrate or Premix. Dose rate 5% light duty / 7.5-8.5% Heavy Duty


Long Service Life up to 10 years / 250,000 kms in automotive applications and up to 10 years / 1,250,000kms or 24,000 hours in Heavy Duty Engines.


For use in Automotive, Light Commercial, On/Off Road Transportation, Mining, Marine, Stationary Engine and Industrial Cooling Applications.


Australian formulated and manufactured

  • Provides super efficient heat transfer (up to 25-40% more efficient than glycol based coolants
  • NAPS Free formulation
  • Appropriate for Light Duty, Heavy Duty and Industrial
  • Applications – mixed fleet suitable
  • Meets OEM performance specifications
  • Provides extended water pump seal service life (silicate free)
  • Provides superior Alloy Metal Hot Spot Corrosion Protection


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