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Pump Up Pressure Sprayer - Klager 1L Acid

Pump Up Pressure Sprayer - Klager 1L Acid

1L Acid Resistant Industrial Pressure Sprayer.

Klager Plastik Brand. Made in Germany.

This product can handle diluted solutions of many acids, but not all acids or dilution ratios.

Resistant to most dilute acid solutions such as 10% hydrofluoric acid, 10% nitric acid, 10% citric acid, 10% propionic acid, 30% phosphoric acid, 30% sulfuric acid, 25% hydrochloric acid, 20% acetic acid.

Please also see the instructions (in other image) for acid compatibility and recommended dilution ratings.

NOT recommended for petroleum, alkaline or mixed acid solutions. USE WILL VOID WARRANTY (see separate products for solvents and alkalines).

  • 900ml Liquid Capacity
  • HDPE Bottle
  • Safety Release Valve
  • Max. Pressure 44 PSI.
  • Viton Seals.
  • Suggested applications: Aluminium brightener, descaling chemicals, brick, tile, concrete acid washing, shower & bathroom cleaner.


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