PREMIER ONE SUPER WAX - Waxing your car should be a joy, not a chore. Enjoy waxing your car again with Premier One's Super Wax. Super smooth application and a high gloss Carnauba car wax shine!

Premier One's Super Wax is so simple and easy to apply in the shade, sun, hot or cold. It really doesn't matter how or where your apply it, Premier One's Super Wax is super easy, so you can enjoy waxing your car again. If simple vehicle wax application were the only measure of a great car wax, making a premium product would be easy. Fact is, your car wax also needs to make your car shine while protecting it from the elements. Premier One’s Super Wax delivers here, too. Made using a modern blend of polymers for strength and high grade Carnauba wax for beauty, Premier One’s Super Wax sacrifices nothing. Guaranteed! Plus, Premier One’s Super Wax never stains trim or rubber with an ugly white residue. That's because Premier One’s Super Wax is a pure vehicle wax without abrasive powders or cleaners.

Premier One Super Wax

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