Premier One Revive Polish

Premier One Revive Polish

PREMIER ONE REVIVE POLISH increases your paint's depth, shine and clarity while removing mild oxidation and smoothing away fine swirl marks.

Works by hand or dual-action polisher!

Premier One’s Revive Prewax Cleaner Polish is a non-corrective paint polish that's formulated to keep paint in perfect or near perfect condition shining bright without harsh abrasives. P

remier One's Revive Polish cleans deep into your paint's microscopic pores, making your clearcoat as clear as it can possibly be. At the same time, Revive's ultra fine polishes round the hard edges of fine swirl marks and other imperfections, diminishing their appearance.

As it works, Premier One's Revive Polish wets the paint with essential oils, making your car's finish darker, rich and radiant.

After polishing with Premier One's Revive, your car is ready for your favorite wax. Select Premier One’s Super Wax.