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Phos Rinse Concentrated Acid Cleaner

Phos Rinse Concentrated Acid Cleaner

PHOS RINSE is a highly effective water based cleaner, formulated to remove algae stains, rust marks, water scale, oxidation, soap and body fats, fresh concrete, and most stubborn stains. It is particularly good for brightening aluminium and alloys. Unlike traditional hydrochloride acid cleaners which cause corrosion, Phos Rinse will act as a corrosion inhibitor and rust converter, thus eliminating damaging rust and metal fatigue. It can be used on scale and rust deposits on toilet bowls, urinals, shower and bathroom areas and painted surfaces. It is ideal for cleaning boats, fibreglass, metal surfaces, concrete, bull bars, aluminium trays, tiles, aluminium concrete mixers, and more.



  • Removes rust
  • Removes oxidation from metals and alloys
  • Excellent rust inhibiting treatment
  • Safe to paint over - treated metals
  • No fluorides - safe to store


Click here for product information sheet.


NOTE: Regrettably, as this product is considered dangerous goods for transport, it can only be delivered within our local delivery area.

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