PEACH HAIR & BODY SHAMPOO has been specifically formulated to be used as a hair shampoo and all over body wash by the whole family on a daily basis. It has a balanced blend of mild wetting agents (derived from coconut oil), amphoterics and emollients for optimum performance and free rinsing characteristics. It has a pH which is buffered to a constant 5.5 which is the natural pH of human skin. Traditional soap products are alkaline by nature (pH9-9.5) and thus tend to be rather harsh on skin and hard to completely rinse off. Dermatologists routinely advise against the use of soaps, especially for people with sensitive skin.



  • Cleans and softens hair giving body and bounce
  • Suitable for use on all types of hair
  • Non alkaline to protect hair & skin
  • Contains extra soft moisturising elements
  • Bio-degradeable


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Peach Hair & Body Shampoo


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