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Molytec Nickel Anti-Seize

Molytec Nickel Anti-Seize

A nickel based anti-seize compound. Developed to protect metal parts from corrosion, galling and seizing. They ease assembly & disassembly of slip fit and threaded joints. Formulated for severe environments, these products protect against high temperatures up to 1450c. DOES NOT CONTAIN GRAPHITE.


Features & Benefits:

High Temp Resistance - Formulated with high quality grease and solid lubricating agents for optimal temperature resistance up to 1450c.

Seals Against Corrosion - Displaces and seals against contact with moisture and other corrosive liquids.

Reduces Friction & Wear - Reduces metal - to - metal contact resulting in less friction & wear.

Extreme Chemical Resistance - Perfect for applications in chemical plants, oil refineries and water / sewage plants.


•  General purpose machine and bolt assembly

•  Nuts, bolts and studs

•  Stainless steel applications

•  Copper free environments

•  Pumps & valves

•  Marine applications

•  Excellent in harsh chemical environments 

•  Flanges, extruders and dies

•  Steam turbines

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