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Molytec Copper Anti-Seize

Molytec Copper Anti-Seize

Molytec Copatec Anti-Seize is a copper based anti-seize compound. Developed to protect metal parts from corrosion, galling and seizing.

Ideal for corrosive environments and extreme temperature conditions. Contains anti-oxidants, anti-corrosion inhibitors, copper and metallic particles in a benton base.

Resistant to Acid, Alkali, Seawater, Water and Steam. Remains effective at surface temperatures up to 1100c.


• General purpose machine and bolt assembly

• Nuts, bolts and studs

• Pumps & valves

• Battery terminals

• Excellent in harsh chemical environments 

• Flanges, extruders and dies

• Steam turbines

• Pipe Threads

• Gaskets

• Disc brake anti-squeal

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