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HQB Degreaser

HQB Degreaser

HQB Degreaser is a liquid degreaser, formulated to speedily remove a range of contaminants, such as bitumen, oil, grease etc. HQB Degreaser is designed to actively dissolve dirt and dirt carrying products, whilst rapidly degrading to a safe and environmentally friendly by-product.


When used at the correct concentrations, HQB Degreaser is suitable for use on metal surfaces and good paintwork. However, HQB Degreaser should not be allowed to activate on these surfaces for long duration.


HQB Degreaser can be used with oil interceptors and hydrocarbon recovery systems. 


Directions for Use:


Apply HQB Degreaser undiluted to surfaces to be cleaned, and allow time to work. Do not allow solution to dry. Agitation may be required on stubborn stains. Rinse off HQB Degreaser and contaminants with good water pressure.  Emulsions formed in the rinse water will “break” quickly, allowing hydrocarbons to be removed from the surface of the rinse water with coalescing plate separators or other suitable recovery system.

For engines and metallic surfaces, dilute with water 3:1 for cold machines, 4:1 for hot machines. For painted and other surfaces, use 100mls to 4 litres of water. For very dirty surfaces increase strength as required.

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