H.D. GENSOLVE is a water soluble solvent degreaser, formulated to remove dirt, grime, body fats, oils and grease. It can quickly penetrate into soiled areas, removing dirt, oil and grease from metal, concrete and other hard surfaces.

It can be used on vehicle engines, concrete floors, in garages, engineering plants and machinery workshops.

It is excellent for use in greasy kitchen situations, on greasy floors, soiled areas, grimy surfaces, shower recesses, amenity blocks, tile floors etc.

H.D. Gensolve is highly alkaline - so be careful. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Read safety instructions on label before use.




  • Water soluble solvent degreaser
  • Value for money
  • Highly alkaline
  • Concentrated
  • For domestic or commercial use
  • Bio-degradable


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H.D. Gensolve


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