Gold Medal Wash & Wax

Gold Medal Wash & Wax

Gold Medal Wash & Wax is a gold coloured, viscous, liquid with specific application in the prestige vehicle detailing industry.


Gold Medal Wash & Wax is a neutral, high foaming product, which speedily cleans, and will not streak or damage paintwork. Gold Medal Wash & Wax contains a high grade Carnauba Wax, which is deposited on the vehicle’s surface during cleaning and can assist in the protection of paintwork from exposure to UV radiation, oxidation and pollutants.


Gold Medal Wash & Wax is formulated for manual cleaning of motor vehicle exteriors.


Directions for Use:


Manual: Dilute with up to 25 parts of clean water. Sponge on, allow 3-5 minutes to work and then rinse off. Do not allow product to dry on vehicles surface.