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Carpet Extracta

Carpet Extracta

Carpet Extracta is a specially formulated cleaner for the speedy and convenient removal of a wide range of contaminants such as oil, dirt, dust, grease, ink and light carbon deposits.


Carpet Extracta is safe on most carpets and can be used safely at recommended concentrations. However ALWAYS test on small inconspicuous area of carpet first.


Carpet Extracta is a clear, green liquid with a pleasant natural perfume. It does not harm surfaces such as glass or good paintwork. The undiluted product could affect some plastic surfaces but not after dilution with water.


Carpet Extractas’ most common concentration is one part Carpet Extracta to ten parts water however dilution rates for normal cleaning can vary between 1:5 to 1:20 depending on the type and level of soil. For very light soils or in a carpet extraction machine up to sixty (60) parts of water dilution can be employed.


For heavily soiled areas like traffic lanes, spray with diluted Carpet Extracta prior to using extraction machine.


Carpet Extractas’ solution is applied by spray or through the integral machine system and allowed to remain a short time. The surface may then be rinsed with water or wiped over with a clean damp cloth. For extremely tenacious soils, the product may be used at a 1:5 dilution. Allow solution to work on the soil as long as possible before cleaning off.


Carpet Extracta conforms to AS 3733. (The pH at use dilution is 8.0 and it does not contain optical brighteners or hygroscopic chemical.)

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