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Q Wash

Q Wash

Truck wash is a concentrated water based high performance and non-caustic truck wash.

This product effectively removes road grime and dirt from all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome, aluminum and paintwork.

Truck wash is bio-degradable and free rinsing. It is suitable for gurney’s and automated washing systems.

This product was specifically developed not to streak and is suitable for use on side curtains of trailers and all fabrics found in the transport and marine environments.

This product is primarily used to wash trucks, trailers, cars, boats, coaches and mining equipment. It has also proves very effective as a floor cleaner and laundry cleaner (especially on greasy clothing).

This product contains corrosion inhibitors to protect surface from rusting and does not contain caustic chemicals. It leaves paintwork shiny and streak free when used as directed. This product is economical to use and can be used across a broad range of dilution to control performance and cost.


Also sold as Koala Auto Kare Blu Murda brand. 

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