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Bio-Green Pro Tabs (with Pro-Active Bacteria)

Bio-Green Pro Tabs (with Pro-Active Bacteria)

BIO-GREEN PRO-TABS  with pro-active bacteria (a patented species of ‘probiotic’ live bacteria) and patented manufacturing method, are a new generation deodorant cleaning tab designed to clean and reduce odour problems associated with urinals. ‘Probiotic’ species bacteria are micro-organisms that have claimed health benefits when consumed and are commonly consumed as part of fermented foods with specially added active live cultures, such as in yogurt, soy yogurt, or as dietary supplements. The added bacteria digest uric salts and sludge, uric deposits build-ups, eliminating the source of unpleasant odours rather than just masking them. These new strains of bacteria colonise the urinal pipes and degrade the body solids, calcium and urine crystals, keeping the pipes clear and free of odours. 



  • Charged with pro-active bacteria (patented) 
  • Eliminates odours - removes the cause of odours 
  • Prevents blocked traps and pipes 
  • Each PRO-TAB is individually wrapped in soluble film - no need for any contact 
  • Aromatic bubblegum fragrance 
  • Made from plant derived and mineral based materials (no petrochemicals)
  • Value for money - last for weeks


54 tabs per 5kg bucket.

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