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Bio-Green Odour Destroyer

Bio-Green Odour Destroyer

BIO-GREEN ODOUR DESTROYER is a new generation cleaning product formulated with biological actives such as pro-active bacteria and enzymes derived from bacteria. Remove odours safely and naturally. The product is charged with bacteria derived enzymes, which totally consume the cause of unpleasant odours from their source.

Use for removing all offending odours, including those caused by pet and human accidents (e.g. urine, milk, vomit, and cigarette smoke). Particularly useful for treating urinal surrounds, toilets, tiles and grout. Built-in ‘resist & repel’ nano technology means the product dries quickly to leave a monomolecular layer that resists dirt – stays clean for longer, shines, and easier to clean in the future. Suitable for use on fabrics, hard surfaces and any other surface not affected by water. It can be used in hotel rooms, washrooms, boats, cars around the home, and anywhere odours may linger. It will not leave any residues - simply spray onto surface where the source of the odour is located. 




  • Charged with bacteria derived enzymes
  • Eliminates odours - removes the cause of odours
  • Loaded with aromatic fragrance 
  • Resist and repel technology - dries quickly, surfaces shine and repel dirt
  • Minimum dilution rate 1 part odour destroyer to 1 part water, creating a minimum of 10 litres
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