BIO-GREEN LIQUID HAND SOAP is manufactured using gentle cosmetic and plant based wetting agents and moisturisers. It is pH balanced - your skin has a natural, slightly acidic moisture layer which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Typical alkaline soap products destroy this layer, leaving skin feeling dry. Also incorporated is the well-known active ingredient LACTIC ACID, which helps eliminate unwanted bacteria from the skin.



  • Natural anti-bacterial agent that is plant derived and ecofriendly (unless you are a bacteria or mould)
  • Soft on hands - improved mildness to skin
  • Safe for kids
  • Nut free (free of peanuts and tree nuts)
  • No sulfates (SLES, SLS), DEAs or parabens
  • Eliminates odours ​​​​​​

Bio-Green Anti-Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap


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