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Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

ANTI-BACTERIAL HAND SOAP is manufactured using gentle cosmetic detergents and lanoline moisturisers. Also incorporated is the well known active ingredient ‘Chloro Xylenol’ (Dettol), which helps eliminate unwanted bacteria from the skin. This hand soap is pH balanced – your skin has a natural, slightly acidic moisture layer which inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria. Typical alkaline soap products destroy this layer, leaving skin feeling dry. 



  • Lotion Formula, with moisturisers to combat moisture loss, leaving skin soft and smooth
  • pH balanced & 100% soap free
  • Fragrant aroma
  • Deodorises
  • Bio-degradable & phosphate free
  • Concentrated - Value for money
  • For Domestic or Commercial use
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